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A Word from our President

The CVCA community comes together in marvelous ways to impact hearts and minds not only in our classrooms, hallways, stage, athletic fields, and other school areas, but in the day-to-day experiences of the young people that walk our halls. I have the privilege of seeing young lives at the end of a school year having maximized their talents and gifts with a deeper, authentic relationship with Christ… WHAT A JOY!

CVCA is a community comprised of: parents (and grandparents) that invest in and trust CVCA and allow us the privilege of partnering with them to prepare their children; teachers and staff that pour their lives out for students daily; and students that challenge, encourage, support, and sharpen each other while figuring out who they are in Christ as they fight against the culture of the world. And, I am always amazed at the many alumni and friends of CVCA that give their time, treasure, and talents to support our mission of Educating and Cultivating Servants for Christ.

I get to witness this love and talent on a daily basis as faculty, staff, and students challenge each other academically and spiritually while sharing their lives with each other. It’s no surprise to see that this intentional purposeful investment of time creates growth in all areas of our community as students multiply their talents for Christ.

All to Him I Owe,
Jason Spodnik, President