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Why Give?

Each year there is a gap between tuition and what it costs to fully educate CVCA students. That gap to the true cost of a CVCA education exists to make the CVCA experience accessible to everyone. Each year we need to bridge this gap – with gifts. Your gift supports faculty, staff, administration, and coaches in their endeavor to train and nurture the heart and mind of each student. Gifts also assist clubs, sports, unique learning opportunities, and up-to-date technology – everything it takes to fully prepare CVCA students to be the light of Christ in their communities. Your gifts also fund scholarships and financial aid to provide a CVCA education to as many students as possible.


From the satisfaction of supporting students at CVCA, to the eternal impact of investing in Kingdom work, your gift will make a lasting difference.

Intentional About Financial Assistance

We take a family’s investment in a CVCA education very seriously, and understand the sacrifices that many make to provide that education for their child. Thanks to the generosity of donor gifts, Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy is blessed to be able to offer a variety of financial assistance programs for families who otherwise would be unable to afford tuition. For the 2017-2018 school year, approximately $1,300,000 in financial aid and scholarships was awarded, allowing more students to experience a Christ-centered CVCA education.

We love what God is doing at CVCA!

“CVCA has been an integral part of the Moncrief family starting with my parents’ involvement in the early stages of the school, their three children (including myself) as alumni, and now our two daughters who are also alumni. Michele and I love the work God is doing at CVCA and are committed to supporting the school’s mission into the future. That is why CVCA is a part of our estate plan.” – Paul ’80 and Michele Moncrief

You can make a lasting impact by including CVCA in your estate or financial plans. As a member of the Royal Legacy Society, your gift(s) make capital projects possible and increase the amount of financial aid available for students. For more information or to schedule a time to learn more, contact Ryan Crocker.


The Impact of Giving