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What is the House System?

The CVCA house system is designed to help students find a place of belonging, offer mentoring and leadership opportunities, and create school spirit. High school students are divided into four houses and are part of the same house for the duration of their high school years. Additionally, houses are divided into smaller groups (or floors) that are gender specific. Houses or floors convene on a weekly basis. Houses have different traditions and compete throughout the course of the year for the coveted Royal Cup.

Our four houses are: The House of Frederick Douglass, The House of A.W. Tozer, The House of Elisabeth Elliot, and The House of C.S. Lewis. These four figures were selected because we believe they each provide a compelling example of the human life in pursuit of virtue. While we esteem these historical figures, we know that in everything we do, we need to focus on Christ’s Preeminence as the real figurehead of our school.

What are Connections Groups?

Instead of Houses, all middle school students meet in Connections groups that consist of approximately 10-15 students (gender and grade-specific) led by a CVCA staff member. Middle school Connections groups meet weekly in a safe and supportive environment to discuss age-appropriate issues and to get “connected” in a community. Through the Connections program, each student gains a mentor and a friend among their teachers as well as a tight-knit group of peers who encourage and listen.

Creating Purposeful Community for both Middle School and High School

Douglass House

Frederick Douglass championed the belief that all people are created by God in His image and deserve true justice with equal rights. As an abolitionist, statesman, writer, and orator, he was known for his pursuit of dialogue across ideological divides.

The virtues of the Douglass House are Justice, Hope, and Truth.

Tozer House

A.W. Tozer’s sermons and writings reveal a man who was completely devoted to the knowledge and pursuit of the Lord. Today he’s remembered as a luminary theologian who over a lifetime of ministry pointed believers to examine God’s holiness and follow Him with zeal. That lifetime of ministry began right here in Akron, where he was saved as a teen and is now laid to rest.

The three virtues of the Tozer House are Passion, Knowledge, and Devotion.

Elliot House

Elisabeth Elliot’s name and impact are most often associated with the powerful story of her husband Jim Elliot’s ministry and 1956 death in Ecuador as part of Operation Auca – but her life’s work extended far beyond that event. For almost sixty years until her death in 2015, Elisabeth Elliot was an incredibly prolific voice in ministry as a college professor, author, radio host, and speaker, and exemplified a life wholly devoted to serving God.

The three virtues of the Elliot House are Sacrifice, Courage, and Trust.

Lewis House

For many, C.S. Lewis needs no introduction. As one of the 20th century’s most influential Christian thinkers, Lewis insightfully framed the questions and experiences that all believers face through his written works. His writings capture the wonder and beauty of pursuing Christ.

The three virtues of the Lewis house are Wonder, Beauty, and Wisdom.


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