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In a Time Such as This…


In 1967, 14 men created a Forward Planning Committee to pray and discuss forming a new Christian secondary school in northeast Ohio. The group committed to forming a school based on Christian principles with excellent standards – a goal that has guided the school since.

1968 – Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy was founded.
1969 – Classes started with 198 students in grades 7 to 12.
1970 – The Academy’s new building was completed.
1970 – CVCA held its first commencement ceremony for their senior class of eight students.
1975 – CVCA became an Ohio state-chartered middle and high school for grades 7 to 12.

In the past 50 years, the Lord has blessed CVCA immeasurably. Our campus, curriculum, and enrollment have grown beyond what our founding fathers could have imagined, impacting multiple generations of students, faculty, and staff. Today, CVCA is a college-preparatory designated middle and high school committed to Educating and Cultivating Servants for Christ.

In 2016, a new strategic plan aimed at best preparing 21st century disciples of Christ by maximizing their gifts while fostering an authentic relationship with Jesus to create Kingdom impact. This goal resulted in the addition of 6th grade to the Academy in the fall of 2018 and a new comprehensive middle school program for 6th through 8th grade students.


CVCA’s campus is still on the site of the original building. Both inside and out, it is a testimony to the Lord’s faithfulness. We invite you to come see what Educating and Cultivating Servants for Christ looks like for our students, faculty, and staff.