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The SMO – Caring for Students’ Needs

CVCA is dedicated to student care and cultivating servants for Christ, and one key area in which that takes place is the Student Ministries Office – also known as the SMO. The Student Ministries program was started over 15 years ago when it became apparent that as enrollment increased, so did the needs of our students and families. Weekly chapels, annual mission trips, Connections groups, local community outreach, peer mentoring, one-on-one discipleship, and Bible studies are all avenues that our Student Ministries team uses to care for our students’ needs.

One of the unique roles of the SMO can best be described as providing a “ministry of availability,” meaning the Student Ministries staff has intentional room in their schedules to meet with students. Any student or parent can come and talk to a SMO staff member about any situation (whether big or seemingly small) and receive Biblical advice.

“The SMO is valuable to the culture at CVCA because it allows students to find the help and guidance they need when going through tough times. Having a Christian teacher that you can go to and talk about life with is so essential.” – Jaxon ’20

High School Student Ministries Staff

LT Newland – Director of Student Ministries

Chrisi Thompson – Coordinator of Girls Ministry

James Talbert – High School Student Ministries

Middle School Student Ministries Staff

To meet the needs of our ever-growing school, a Middle School Student Ministries team works specifically with sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. The team is passionate about walking with students through these years, providing discipleship and student care.

Zach Churchill – Middle School Ministries Coordinator

Louisa Neumann – Middle School Student Ministries

“The SMO is the place to go if you ever need advice, someone to talk to, or a kind word. We love to hang out there!” – Courtney ’21

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