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Mentorships, Internships, and Educational Experiences

The Schools of Distinction include specialty tracks of Arts & Humanities, Business & Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Medical Professions, and Ministry within our comprehensive college-prep program.

Our mission for the Schools of Distinction is to expose students to professional fields through curricular enhancements, mentoring relationships, and experiential learning; thus providing insight into His calling for their lives.

School of Arts and Humanities

The two-year School of Arts and Humanities curriculum, built around a cornerstone course entitled “Creativity and Reason”, fosters students’ gifts in Music, Visual Arts, Social Sciences, and Communications. The program is oriented toward developing students’ creative talents, rhetorical skills, and social awareness in both classroom-based and “real world” contexts.

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School of Business and Entrepreneurship

The School of Business and Entrepreneurship (SOBE) is a two-year curriculum designed to prepare high school students to be successful, impactful Christians in an undergraduate business program. SOBE students study and explore all major business disciplines and run all aspects of two small businesses RASCO and Shya Designs.

Shya Designs

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School of Engineering

The two-year School of Engineering curriculum grooms high school students to be successful, impactful Christians in an undergraduate engineering program. The courses and projects touch on all major engineering disciplines.

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School of Medical Professions

The School of Medical Professions is a two-year curriculum designed to equip high school students for future success pursuing an undergraduate degree in any medical profession or preliminary undergraduate degree toward a future medical profession (e.g. medical doctor, pharmacist, veterinarian, physical therapist, etc.) with a deeper understanding of their faith.

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School of Ministry

CVCA’s School of Ministry is designed to assist and train high school students in various areas of vocational ministry. The two-year curriculum trains students in a variety of ministry disciplines and seeks to prepare them for ministry, college, and beyond.

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Is there an annual fee for the Schools of Distinction?

There is a fee that covers textbooks, field trips, special guests, competitions, mentoring, internships, and field-specific materials for the program each year. To provide quality instruction, it is necessary to provide equipment and software specific to the field. It is our desire that any student have the opportunity to participate. If finances pose a problem, please speak to the School of Distinction Chair.

Can I get college credit for this class?

The goal of the Schools of Distinction is to give students exposure to a specific field of interest. There are currently some opportunities to earn college credit, but we do emphasize the ability to bulk up your resume and applications with real-world experience to help better prepare you for college. We are exploring opportunities to expand college credit for classes through local universities.

Can I apply for a School of Distinction as a sophomore?

The application process begins at the end of the sophomore year, but is designed only for juniors and seniors.

Can I take only one class?

Yes, you can take one of the classes offered if there is room in the registration/roster. You will not receive School of Distinction recognition for the class, but will earn credit for the elective.


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